This project is focused on exploring sustainable alternatives for a children's playground, with a specific focus on creating a sensory haven for autistic children. The playground is made from bioplastics and recycled plastic and fabric, with a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility.
The project begins with an exploration of the needs of autistic children in a playground environment, with a focus on creating a safe and calming space that provides sensory stimulation and support. This includes a study of the ways in which bioplastics and recycled materials can be used to create a sustainable and durable playground environment.
Using bioplastics and recycled plastic and fabric, the project experiments with creating sensory structures and environments that provide a range of tactile and visual experiences for children. This includes creating structures such as swings, climbing walls, and sensory paths that are designed to be calming and supportive for autistic children.
The project also emphasizes the importance of community involvement, with a focus on engaging local businesses and organizations to support the development and implementation of the playground. This includes creating educational programs and workshops to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility in children's play environments.
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