This ongoing project explores the abundance of waste within the textile industry and the potential for creating new fields of work through recycling and upcycling techniques. With a fascination for manipulation and reconstructing techniques, the project aims to explore different ways of recycling old clothes and creating new forms of value from waste materials.
The project begins with the collection of waste materials from the textile industry, including discarded fabrics and old clothing. These materials are then transformed through a variety of manipulation and reconstructing techniques, such as cutting, folding, and patchwork, to create new forms and textures.
The focus of the project is on exploring new fields of work in textile recycling and creating opportunities for sustainable and innovative design practices. This includes exploring the potential for creating new products and services, such as textile art, furniture, and accessories, that utilize waste materials.
The project also emphasizes the importance of collaboration and community building, with a focus on working with local businesses and organizations to create new opportunities for textile recycling. This includes creating workshops and educational programs to teach others about the potential of waste materials and encourage more sustainable practices.
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